Exploring The Past

Exploring the Past

Exploring the Past

10 thoughts on “Exploring The Past

  1. What a great shot! I love all the texture in the walls. Beautiful.


  2. Fantastic shot – love the viewpoint!


  3. Mark Conway says:

    Great atmospheric shot! Love it!


  4. John Ferebee says:

    Did you take this with film. If not what editing software, if any, did you use. I really like it.


    • mrsdawnp says:

      No film unfortunately but it was a bit of an odd weather day (thick fog, sunshine & showers) which I love as you can capture some beautiful shots so I only had to do a little bit of tweaking in PS elements 9. I wish I had the space, money & time to still work with film but I’m still hanging on to my old kit just in case..
      Thank you so much for taking the time to have a look at my photos x


      • John Ferebee says:

        Your welcome. I still run through a role now and then. Recently used Velvia 50 for the first time and was surprised how good it looked. Expensive to buy and process. Will use it for those special shots that come along.


  5. casagan says:

    Great and dramatic processing. I like this one.


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