Hidden In Plain Sight – post 10

The Arch Lodge

This is the Jacobean styled lodge house to Westwood Hall. It was built in 1852 and was part of the works that were being carried on enlarging the Hall. The work was commissioned by John Davenport Jnr and was almost certainly designed by Hadfield, Weightman & Goldie.

The lodge is now a private residence and has a god awful ugly, unsympathetic extension to increase the living space on its left side (please note I have tried to exclude it).

It was granted a Grade II listing on 27 May 1975.

Shooting Information:
Feature Image – Canon EOS 550D & 18-55mm kit lens, Exposure 1/10, Aperture f/9.0, ISO 100, Focal Length 24mm

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2 thoughts on “Hidden In Plain Sight – post 10

  1. Heh – I enjoy your comment about the extension! This is a great series, and I’m glad I happened on to you before you tired of it…


    • mrsdawnp says:

      Thank you again for another lovely comment & for visiting my blog, the extension is the ugliest thing. I have no idea what our local planning department was thinking when they allowed it!!


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