Exploring the Light

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  Sometimes I forget how lucky I am.. Although I live on a typical 1950’s suburban housing estate, behind my garden hedge is farmland, woods, meadows, the Churnet Valley with the River Churnet idly flowing along and this is all within 5 to 10 minutes walking distance from my front door. This little town that […]

Breaking the Cycle…


Today has been full of surprises, some from others and the biggest from myself!

Firstly, my mum spontaneously hugged me in public (my mum is a working class gem who would sacrifice everything for her kids but has never been very good at showing affection), which took me totally by surprise..

Then later this afternoon a friend emailed to ask me to photograph her Wedding Vow Renewal next summer. She knows I’m not big on portraiture or event photography (mainly due to a lack of opportunity/experience and my crippling anxiety) but she loves the images I post on facebook and has already stated that that she only wants candid shots, nothing formal and has even offered to pay me!

Here’s the biggest surprise of the day… I said YES!

My reasoning for this decision is that I love my friend and her husband and I would move heaven and earth for them. Also I am not letting my anxiety dictate what I can do anymore. I recently attended a family function and had to leave after a few hours as I started to “freak out”, which I found frustrating and later I felt angry & upset at myself. So I’ve got 12 months to practice my photography skills (beware friends and family as I will be requiring models) but I am also going to put my coping strategies from my Cognitive Behavioural Therapy into full practice every single day.