Breaking the Cycle…


Today has been full of surprises, some from others and the biggest from myself!

Firstly, my mum spontaneously hugged me in public (my mum is a working class gem who would sacrifice everything for her kids but has never been very good at showing affection), which took me totally by surprise..

Then later this afternoon a friend emailed to ask me to photograph her Wedding Vow Renewal next summer. She knows I’m not big on portraiture or event photography (mainly due to a lack of opportunity/experience and my crippling anxiety) but she loves the images I post on facebook and has already stated that that she only wants candid shots, nothing formal and has even offered to pay me!

Here’s the biggest surprise of the day… I said YES!

My reasoning for this decision is that I love my friend and her husband and I would move heaven and earth for them. Also I am not letting my anxiety dictate what I can do anymore. I recently attended a family function and had to leave after a few hours as I started to “freak out”, which I found frustrating and later I felt angry & upset at myself. So I’ve got 12 months to practice my photography skills (beware friends and family as I will be requiring models) but I am also going to put my coping strategies from my Cognitive Behavioural Therapy into full practice every single day.

8 thoughts on “Breaking the Cycle…

  1. Beautiful image of the flower and a very telling blog. I have a feeling you are going to great no matter what you decide to take on. Good luck with the wedding stuff. You will do fine.

    I remember how anxious I used to become when I was shooting wedding to make a living in New York a great many years ago. Everyone of them turned me upside down before going in and shooting but the joy of shooting overcame the anxiety.

    Take care and thanks for sharing


  2. trappedincandy says:

    Beautiful picture


  3. RobynG says:

    Lovely image of the pink daisy! And you will do fabulous photographing your friend’s event! Just remember the confidence she has in you when your anxieties kick in! Blessings, Robyn


  4. Iamrcc says:

    Love the soft look. Thanks for the visit and the like of my post “Mum, Looking More Like Myself”.


  5. themofman says:

    Congratulations on your Wedding Photography Assignment. If it’s really your first, you’ll find it very challenging but still highly enjoyable.

    I have a question for you.

    A short while ago in my neck of the woods, a meeting was held by Hamilton Artists Inc. in which the guest speaker talked about why flowers factor into women’s art so frequently. I wanted to be there but, unfortunately, I couldn’t. The subject has me thinking; nevertheless, so I’m now on a quest to discover that answer for myself.

    I imagine the reasons will be different for every woman. What’s your personal take on it? Is it related to your confronting depression at all?


    • themofman says:

      I guess that’s a couple of questions.


    • mrsdawnp says:

      My reason for using flowers so often is because they are an easily attainable and varied subject matter. So on days when my depression & anxiety are seriously hampering my ability to venture out, I will at least try capture something interesting. My photography helps with my illness, not just by giving me a reason to leave my house but on the days were I can’t face the outside world it still gives me a reason to motivate myself to do something, even if I hate every image I’ve shot that day. I’ve also noticed the trend for flower photography is mainly amongst female photographers but I’ve always just assume the interest for flowers was a feminine connection between photographer and subject matter. Hope this answers your question but I’ve included a link to a lady who takes some beautiful flower shots..


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