This is one of two kittens I adopted earlier this year from a tiny charity called Iris’s Cats in Need. Although we joke that he looks like a Bond villain’s pet in this shot, he’s actually is a very sweet and loving cat unless you’re a small furry rodent or a bird, but that’s just cats for you!

If you’d like to see the work that Iris’s do, feel free to click the following link to their Facebook page.




Summer in Buxton Park..

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Today is my mum’s birthday so we drove over to Buxton in Derbyshire to spend a few hours shopping, having coffee & cake and catching up on gossip, life & gripes.. We cut back through the park to get to our car & I managed to capture a few shots..

This quiet market town called Leek

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This is my first attempt at street photography. It’s a bit like being a paparazzi, long telephoto lens, blending into the crowd & waiting for the perfect time to snap an unsuspecting subject..