This quiet market town called Leek

This is my first attempt at street photography. It’s a bit like being a paparazzi, long telephoto lens, blending into the crowd & waiting for the perfect time to snap an unsuspecting subject..


3 thoughts on “This quiet market town called Leek

  1. themofman says:

    Avoid using the telephoto as much as possible; rely more on wide angle lenses and getting closer to your subjects where you can’t be stealthy, and it will not feel intrusive in the paparazzi sense.

    Other tnan that, you did fine for your first time out. Alot better than I did. I think you’ll find your way without much help but if you need it, see here:

    By the way, thanks for taking a look at the Lower Hamilton phase of the Hammer Home Street Photography Project.


  2. So that genre of photo really is done covertly, eh? There’s much to see, and ponder, in every one of those photos. Fun!


    • mrsdawnp says:

      I’ve only just started, but I’ve been advised that if I go into a busy city centre, I can be a lot more obvious & use a shorter lens as most people will be too busy to care/notice and are used to seeing photographers wandering about..


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