A Broken Camera…

No, I haven’t dropped my DSLR or anything so drastic. I have a bit of a obsession for old film camera’s & occasionally have a splurge on something like an old Kodak Brownie or people will donate their old camera to my collection as they know I will look after it and if it’s damaged, I will try to repair it.

So imagine my surprise when a complete stranger generously gave me an immaculate looking Canon Powershot G9. Yes, it was broken, but as I found out, it was a common power module fault with this model. I’m not a at all confident messing about with anything electronic but I decided it was a good project to have a go at. The part the camera needed is expensive & difficult to obtain so I browsed Ebay to find  another G9 but that had external damage. Luckily I found one which didn’t cost very much to purchase.

So I spent a nerve wracking afternoon stripping the  donor camera and then very carefully dismantling, replacing the damaged part and re-building the original camera all with the help of a Youtube video ( http://www.hikingbike.org/creativity/tutorials/canon-g9-powershot-no-power-tutorial ) . Then came the moment of truth, after inserting a charged battery & new memory card. It worked! I felt so elated that I danced around my home and even did a victory lap of the garden!!

I’m very attached to this Canon compact and it now travels with me on the days when I can’t or don’t want to take the DSLR with me… The pictures are a little grainy at high ISO’s and what you see through the viewfinder is a cropped view of the image that will be captured by the G9 but I find it quite charming. It has a little personality and quirks all of its own, like each of my cameras.


m-DP_G9_04092013_0033-wm m-DP_G9_04092013_0042-wm m-DP_G9_04092013_0045-wm m-DP_G9_04092013_0053-wm m-DP_G9_04092013_0058-wm

3 thoughts on “A Broken Camera…

  1. ckponderings says:

    Great work, but far to techy for me!! 😀 Nice shots too!


  2. Great story, and fabulous photos!


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