Hidden in Plain Sight – Post 37

A former church school, this little building has served its community since its construction in 1834.

In 1834, Lord Macclesfield gave part of the neighbouring Grammar School’s land as a site and the money required for the building was raised by subscription and Government grants to form St. Edward’s National School. The building was designed by William Rawlins.

The school admitted poor children from Leek or within a 2 mile radius of the parish. The new Sunday school was opened in 1835. In 1843 the Trustees opened a day school for boys and girls in addition to the Sunday school.

The building was enlarged in 1862 but in 1886 the boys school was moved to other premises and the girls school continued here until the school was sold in 1895.

That same year, the Reverend C.B. Maude established a working mens club and young mens union in the old school house.

In 1896 C.B. Maude (who was now the Archdeacon of Salop) conveyed the the building to trustees and it became the Maude Church Institute for the parishioners of St Edwards Church. The parishioners gave £191 (in recognition of Maude’s services to the community) to the Trustees to pay off the mortgage.

The quatrefoil stone over the main entrance reads “This building was presented for the use of the parish church of St. Edwards, Leek, by a few parishioners as a memento of the Rev. C.B. Maude’s vicarate. August 1896”.

In the mid 1970’s the building was enlarged and had alterations made. In the 1990’s it was used by numerous voluntary groups.

In 2005 the Maude Institute was sold to a private business and it was converted into a members only Pool & Snooker club called The Q-Mill. this closed in 2008 & the owner leased the premises to Genetix Gym who occupied the building until early 2013. It is now vacant and is waiting for someone to purchase or lease it.

Granted a Grade II listing from English Heritage on 14 October 1996.

Shooting Information:
Canon EOS 550D & 18-55mm Kit Lens
Exposure 1/30, Aperture f/13.0, ISO 100, Focal Length 18mm

7 thoughts on “Hidden in Plain Sight – Post 37

  1. themofman says:

    This reminds me of some of the old places in my city that are now gone. Glad you shot it and told this story.


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