Thornton Gatehouse and Abbey

These shots were taken at Thornton Gatehouse and Abbey (an English Heritage site) back in September when we had a long weekend in Lincolnshire. It was great to get away and I managed for the whole three days, although I felt on edge at times, I didn’t have a single anxiety attack! This is mainly due to my wonderful husband, who planned the trip and kept everything we did within my comfort zone so I could join in (with my camera in tow of course) & enjoy the weekend without feeling anxious or self conscious.

Honestly, the man deserves a medal with what he has had to cope with at times. Anxiety and depression doesn’t just affect the life of the sufferer, it also has a huge impact on the lives of those closest to them. Thankfully my son was too young to really understand what was going on when I was at my worst and I had kept my illness hidden from family and friends until fairly recently, but my husband saw it all and has supported, helped and encouraged me every day. I’m so grateful for his love and understanding without it I don’t think I could of taken those first terrifying steps on the road to recovery. I still have a way to go but even I can see how far I’ve come..

5 thoughts on “Thornton Gatehouse and Abbey

  1. Iksa says:

    I like the buildings and its surrounding … Thank you for sharing


  2. themofman says:

    Magnificent images, and cheers to your husband. Good man!


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