Hidden in Plain Sight – Post 51

From 1868 F.A. Argle and his wife helped to maintain a day school ran by an uncertified teacher in a rented room but in 1871 the Argle’s built this infants day school called St. Luke (C of E) School and set up a trust to run the school. The new building was also used as a mission church.

In 1871, when it opened, it had a certified school Mistress, was receiving a government grant and had 51 pupils. The building was extended in 1877 and pupil numbers rose to 125 by the late 1880’s. By the 1830’s it had 142 pupils.

The school closed in 1945, the staff and pupils were transferred to Beresford Memorial School but the building continued to be used as a mission church for a number of years before becoming the headquarters for the 4th Leek Scout Group.


Shooting Information:
Canon EOS 550D & 18-55mm Kit Lens
Feature Image – Exposure 1/160, Aperture f/10.0, ISO 200, Focal Length 20mm
Second Image – Exposure 1/125, Aperture f/10.0, ISO 200, Focal Length 55mm

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